Posted by: Dale | February 6, 2010

Did You See Them?

Did you see him? Did you notice her? Or perhaps you were too busy.

I admit that I probably miss opportunities to have an impact on people’s lives a lot.  I miss chances to speak HOPE to people that are suffering through despair.  Every day the news is filled with real life stories of people that are at their wits end. Maybe you are one of them or maybe you are one that is called to go to them.

Everyday, there are opportunities for you to impact someone’s life. Maybe it is your neighbour. Or perhaps a coworker. Maybe a relative. They are all walking by us everyday and we are all oblivious to them. We are too caught up in our own problems to notice the opportunities that present themselves.

Today, regardless of your situation, I encourage you to be an Agent of Hope.  To bring the Love of God to those who desperately need it. Today is your day of opportunity. Go and Seize the day.


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