Posted by: Dale | February 7, 2010

The Good Samaritan & A Link to Superbowl Champ’s Testimony

UPDATE: Check out this Video testimony of Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints QB and Superbowl Champion 2010


The Parable of the Good Samaritan.

If you think about the parable of the Good Samaritan, it is filled with some astounding things. No it isn’t deep on a theological level, but it is very deep on a relational level and gives us a better glimpse on the priority that Jesus placed on relationship.

When the lawyer asked, “Who is my neighbour”, he I assume was expecting the answer that many Jewish folk of the day would answer. He was expecting Jesus to just say be kind to your fellow Jew. But instead he threw into this guy’s life a series of Bold expressions.

1. The Religious priest didn’t care
2. The Religious worker didn’t care

So, who cared? The dirty, filthy old Samaritan. I imagine the man was thinking, “A GOOD SAMARITAN???? There is no such thing” This Lawyers prejudice was preventing him from seeing the Kingdom that Jesus had come to establish. One where Jesus died to provide HOPE for salvation for the world.

But not only that, one where mankind seeks the Kingdom principles of “Love one another” on a daily basis. So my question to you is, who are you?

The Thief who takes?
Are you the Priest who passes by?
The Levite who only looks?
The Samaritan who shows compassion?
Or perhaps you are beside the road and hurting.

It does not matter where you are yesterday or even when you started reading this, it matters where you plan from now on, knowing full well that God will be with you.

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