Posted by: Dale | February 9, 2010

Eternity the Final Frontier

As a kid in the early 1970’s I would wait for Sunday afternoons so I could watch Star Trek (the original one). I was not old enough to see it during it’s original run but it mesmerized me in reruns. I would wait to see what would happen that week. To see what the unknowns of space had to offer. It seemed there was always HOPE even in the light of danger around them (Well there was hope for everyone but the ‘RED SHIRT’ that always got killed).

My interest would peak when I heard the familiar tune coming from my Television and the intonation of Captain Kirk’s voice sounding out the opening sequence… “Space the Final Frontier…”

Most of us will never journey into space, but that does not matter as in reality, that is not the final frontier. That honour goes to Eternity. Eternity is our final frontier, and we can be assured of going there by placing our faith in Jesus. So with that in mind here is my remake of Kirk’s monologue;

Eternity the final frontier

These are the voyages of humanity

Their mission

To Explore our Humanity

To Seek out Jesus

To boldly go where HE has gone before


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