Posted by: Dale | February 11, 2010

There isn’t a Sin too big for God to forgive

I had an interesting conversation yesterday. I was in a Bible Study group and we were looking at Romans 6. We started to talk about sin and how we often are overcome by guilt when we sin and can not come back to God to ask forgiveness. We get the idea that the sin we have committed is far too big for God to forgive. Sure we trust him with the little ones but we think there is no way that the BIG SINS can be forgiven.

Some thoughts on that, in God’s eyes there are no little or big sins. All sin is the same to him. So if He can not forgive what you perceive to be something big, then by the same logic, He can’t forgive the small stuff. THANKFULLY, that is not the case. God can forgive those sins we see as big and those we see as small.

Also, for us to say God can’t forgive a certain sin is us saying that what Christ did on the cross was not enough. It diminishes the true value of the sacrifice He paid for us.

So, if you are feeling guilt and figure that God can’t possibly forgive you, then let me tell you , that is NOT God’s idea, and that idea does not come from Him but from the enemy. Guilt is never used by God (conviction of sins is not guilt), He instead calls you to come to Him and repent. He is the Ultimate Agent of Hope.


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