Posted by: Dale | February 15, 2010

Miracle Moments

I am currently reading a book called “You Were Born for This : 7 Keys to a life of predictable miracles”. In this book the author explains that all around us are opportunities to reach a person for Christ. He says that we do not need to pray that God give us opportunities each day, as much as we need to pray that God open our eyes to the opportunities that are already around us. This book, so far is good. It is not a hard read and very devotional and I encourage you to pick up a copy and take the opportunity to read.

I had the opportunity to see one of those ‘opportunities’ today. I was picking up milk from the grocery store and as I entered the store I heard the girl at the express line exclaim, “It’s been declined” to an older lady on a senior scooter. One man stepped up and asked what the problem was, and the cashier explained the situation. I heard him say “How much” and it turned out it was only a little more than $8. He quickly said, “Oh I will pay for that”. My heart was pulled toward the situation and at that moment, I felt that I needed to help this man, so I gave him all the cash I had to help him pay for this lady’s small purchase.The people in the back of the line looked like they were getting impatient at the delay, but this man and I felt we were doing the right thing, we were doing a ‘GOD THING’ (whether he realized it or not).

There are miracle moments all around you. Today, opportunities will cross your path, that only you can fulfill. Today, God wants to use you to bring everyday miracles to the people that cross your path. And the advantage of that? First, you will be doing God’s purpose for you today, and secondly you will feel good about yourself.

Look for the miracle moments, they are there.



  1. Everyday I like to pick a person on the bus and just say a silent prayer that the Lord will bless their day somehow and show himself to them in some way (hopefully through me). I never forget to hold the door open for someone and also see if there is something I can help with. If we continue to do these small things for people, they in turn will do it for others and this is what makes a huge difference. It is very gratifying to bless someone, not always easy either, but if done with the Lord in mind He blesses us.

  2. Often times we are so busy that we miss those opportunities. I am coming to realise that it’s a busyness of the mind more than anything else for some people.

    “Be STILL and know that He is God” is such a difficult concept for this generation. The noise tend to crowd out His still small voice and we miss the opportunities in front of us.

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