Posted by: Dale | February 17, 2010

Biblical resources online

I am going to use today’s blog to promote a great and free internet service for those that want to read the Bible. You can actually see a button on the right to the site. It is called YouVersion and is offered by Lifechurch.

Setup an account, pick from one of 16 different English versions of the Bible (or choose another language), and next you can setup your own Bible reading plan or use some that are pre-made. I personally like the “Out Reach New Testament” reading plan, which takes you through the New Testament in a year. I also like the plan called “One-to-One” which is a 25 day discipleship reading. It will help you when you disciple new followers in Christ.

For those of you with mobile phones there are multiple options for you to use a mobile version (BlackBerry, Iphone, Android, PalmPre, Java and Mobile Web).

Don’t like reading? There is the option to listen to the scripture passages, and again it is FREE.

There is much more functionality than I can describe in this short blog, but I encourage you to check it out and use it to grow your relationship with Christ. Share the link to the people you want to share hope with, as the Bible gives us all hope that Jesus cares.


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