Posted by: Dale | February 20, 2010

The Character of God: Righteousness

Senator Al Franken is a U.S. Senator from Minnesota. But before he was in Senate, Franken was a comedian and had a very successful run on Saturday Night Live. One of his recurring characters was Stuart Smalley, a guy who gave a few minute chat each week about his life’s problems but at the end, he would always say “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me”. I hate to disagree with the senator, but the principle of us being “good enough” is a fallacy. We are not nearly good enough for God’s standards. But humanity likes to think we have things under control and that our own goodness gets us off of being accountable for things that are not so good in our life.

So by God’s standards, humanity does not measure up. But thankfully it is not our righteousness that matters. God actually has provided His righteousness to put on us. In Jeremiah 23:5-8 we see a reference to the “Righteous King” (Jesus). A promise of Messiah that would describe God as “The Lord OUR Righteousness”. The HOPE that is in Jesus, is that His sacrifice covers our sins. His Righteousness (goodness) covers our unrighteousness (badness). The miracle of the cross is that Jesus paid the price and because of that our HOPE is in Him and God sees Jesus goodness when he looks at us, not our evil.

So even though we are bad, God still loves us and provides us with his Righteousness to cover us. That is pure HOPE and that is the greatest miracle ever.


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