Posted by: Dale | February 23, 2010

Who has touched your life?

I am taking a  break today on the Character of God to ask a simple question, Who has touched your life? Who has had an impact on you? I encourage you to use the comment section to share who has been a mentor in the Lord, who has fed into your life, and how they have touched you?

I had the opportunity to meet a great man. A giant, even though I eventually grew taller than him. A man that influenced my life as a child, as a teen and as an adult. A man that would encourage and would also discipline. But everything he did, was always in love.

I read  a book by him today that most of you will probably never read. Not because you have no interest, just because that book is not published and is not finished and never will be. That book was called “The Immigrant” and is an unpublished manuscript written by my grandfather Arthur Sanger. In the book he talks about his early years in England and growing up in a home where he felt no love. He talks about English boarding school and then an eventual move to Canada alone at the age of 16, where he would come into relationship with Jesus Christ.

This man, would work hard as a young teen in Canada and would set an example for his children and his grandchildren and his great grand children. He encouraged me about the Lord before I knew God. He taught me that it was good to know Jesus. He and grandma (Helen) were one of the influences on my life of me turning to Christ.

Eventually I would enter ministry (not because of Grandpa but because of Jesus, who grandpa was a great imitator of), I would pastor churches, I would minister to the homeless, I have seen people die in horrible pain and minister to them.  But one of the hardest ministry experiences I have ever had was being a part of the service for both Grandpa and Grandma. He has been gone for about 5 years and grandma almost a year and I miss them dearly, but they have influenced my life and I know I will see them again.

But the impact of their life did not end in death. The impact of their life touched a family that will go on for generations and generations, until Jesus returns. I know they were not perfect, but I know that they did everything they could to love the Lord. And I hope that my life, my children’s life, their children and their children one day show as much faith that Grandma and Grandpa did.

So, I ask again, Who has made an impact on you?



  1. Well im in sort of the same situation. My Grandparents (Both) were tremendously encouraging to me as well as my parents. Every single one of them not only prayed for me and with me but shared with me about Jesus and what Jesus did for them. They are and were a perfect example of being Christians to my life as Grandparents and Parents. You can really see how much they loved the Lord with all there heart and soul.

  2. For me it was people who prayed for me when I didn”t know it like my freiends Michael.John,Kevin and Barb, my brother Art ,Rev.Payne,my parents,some of the old saints Mrs.Leonard,Mrs,Casselman etc.God answer prayer and we need to keep each other in our prayers , especially Connie and her family and all our unsaved love ones..It not about me it is about him our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who commands us to pray for one another so I”am greatfull to all the people who kept me in there prayers and I know you do Dale so I thank you…Love Dad..xoxoxo..So as Parents and Grandparents we are keeping you and your family in our prayers along with Connie and her Family and Gloria”s family…

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