Posted by: Dale | March 8, 2010

Righteous Stubbornness

Righteous Stubbornness, those are two words that you probably don’t think go together well. And in general being stubborn is not a character that is appealing. Being stubborn reminds me of the child that throws themselves down in the middle of the grocery store and wails and throws a fit because he or she did not get what they wanted. But in at least one case in the Bible (probably more) there is an account of a man being stubborn and it paid off for him.

In Genesis 32 we see the story of Jacob wrestling with God. The struggle goes on all night and as day breaks God says to Jacob, ‘Let me Go for day is coming’ and Jacob replies “I will not let you go unless you bless me”. So God blesses Jacob on that spot and changes his name from Jacob (which means deceiver) to Israel (which means the one who prevails). He went from being a schemer to becoming one who prevails. God touched his life, God ministered to him in his time of need. Jacob was about to meet face to face with his brother Esau who he had robber by deceiving him, and not God had given him (Jacob/Israel) a new lease on life, regardless of what Esau would say.

Sometimes, it pays to be stubborn, especially when you want God’s blessing. It is not that He is unwilling, he just wants to see your desire for it. Pray through, wrestle with God. Meet with Him

(Authors Note: God being all powerful could have released Himself from Jacob’s grip, but chose this to bless Jacob/Israel)


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