Posted by: Dale | March 10, 2010

Hey God… You Owe me

Have you ever heard a person question God on situations in their life? It is not wrong to ask Him questions, in fact I think that He enjoys us questioning Him about why things happen or don’t happen in our lives, because it gives God the opportunity to show us what he has in store for our lives. It gives him the chance to show His perfect will for our lives.

What I do not think is legitimate about questioning God, is when we go in with the attitude that God owed us one. We sometimes think that we do God a huge favor by simply existing. That somehow that God should feel grateful that we allow Him to be even a small part of our lives and we cry murder when things do not go our way.

God owes us nothing, in fact we owe Him a debt we could never possibly repay. But He chooses to be a part of our live. We must realize though, that we are made for His pleasure and us for His will. It the other way around. Good times will come and so will bad times. Matthew 5:45 tells us that the rain falls on the just and unjust. The difference is that the just have the relationship with God to count on.

God, you owe me……..NOTHING!



  1. Earnestly seeking God will lead to our finding spiritual strength in the bad times but I’am so thankful for the good times and your so right God owes us nothing.So I thank Him for the roof over my head ,food on my table,shoes on my feet the clothes on my back and each day that he gives me..What a wonderful God we serve…

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