Posted by: Dale | March 11, 2010

The Devil made me do it…

In the 1960’s – 1980’s Flip Wilson had a comedy bit in which he had a character named Geraldine who would blame all the bad things done on the devil. The catch phrase ‘The Devil made me do it” was born from that. While it provided some good comedy, I wonder how real that phrase is especially for the Christ follower. Upon conversion, the Holy Spirit  comes into us and lives with us and has fellowship with our spirit. Yes, the devil will still try and tempt and lure you away, but I think we offer too much credence to his power when we say that he made us do it.

Part of a Hope filled life, is living in the fact of the promises of God. The one promise that ‘Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world’ is key. The Holy Spirit in us is greater than any outside force (the devil does not live inside Christ followers), the Bible declares us ‘More than conquerors’ because of our relationship with Christ. So when we do the things Paul calls “Things which I don’t want to do”, we can only blame ourselves giving in to the lures of temptation. We are to blame.

BUT, we are not condemned any longer, even in failure, we still can goto God and admit our wrongs and He will accept us back. A good parent would not turn away their child for a mistake if they are admitting their failure. A good parent helps the child to overcome the problems that they are facing and work with them in their area of weakness. Our Heavenly Father is the same, He knows your weaknesses and He desires to help you overcome them. So, while the Devil did NOT make you do it, the Lord Jesus will help you overcome it.

There is always HOPE for those who place their trust in the Lord Jesus.


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