Posted by: Dale | March 27, 2010

I do declare

So the Pharisees were curious about who John the Baptist was. They probably knew where he came from, and who his parents were, so their question was really, “Are you Messiah” or possibly “Are you sent from God”

John knew his purpose, he knew that he was a front runner of Messiah and he declares such in John 1:23

He said: “I am
‘The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
“Make straight the way of the Lord,” ’
as the prophet Isaiah said.”

He was there to proclaim that Messiah was on his way. To help usher in an age of Grace instead of Law. To show that God desired relationship with his creation. And in that, our task is the same. We are to proclaim the grace of God to a world that is lost and dying. To tell those without Hope, that HOPE can be found in Christ Jesus. We have the privileged to share about Jesus and to tell people about His soon return.

No matter, what happens in our daily lives, the importance of those things pales in comparison to our mission that Jesus gave us. But don’t worry, we don’t do it alone, the Holy Spirit helps us. So today, tell people about the Hope and Grace found in Jesus.


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