Posted by: Dale | March 30, 2010

All the Ordinary People

It is kind of funny. Jesus did not choose the people we probably would have chose to be his disciples. He didn’t choose the people most ‘Rabbi’ of His day would have chose either. Instead he chose a bunch of ordinary people. Mostly laborers in professions that were not well thought of. Take some time to read that account in John 1:35-51.

Now that you have read that account, let me ask you an honest question. Who would you have picked? If you had the choice between a Garbage Collector or a Professor to tell your new message, who would you pick. What about the mechanic or the religious leader? Construction worker or the lawyer.

I know we like to look at all those ‘successful’ professionals and say “WOW” but in fact Jesus chose alot of ordinary or disenfranchised people to be the ones to carry His message. It wasn’t about how successful they were in life, but more about how much they were seeking God. To be counted among His chosen, seek Him out.


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