Posted by: Dale | March 31, 2010

Turn your water into wine

Modern people use the saying “Turn your water into wine” to mean turning something bad into something good. Now we all know that water is not bad, but if we look at the case of Jesus turning water into wine, water was not what the host of the wedding needed, he needed wine because they had run out. (Read John 2:1-10)

Forget for a moment about whether you agree with drinking or not. I don’t drink, but I can agree that it is mentioned in the Bible that drinking is permissible but drunkenness is not. Jesus even drank real wine. And He created real wine. Wine so good that the host of the wedding was amazed that the best wine for last (usually they would serve the bad wine at the end because the guests were probably too inebriated to notice).

Anyways, it shows a lot about Jesus in this miracle. It shows He is a Miracle worker. It shows that He is God. And it shows that He cares about our normal everyday needs. He cares when you can’t pay your bills. He cares when your car breaks down. He cares when you are sick or just plain tired, and He wants you to bring those everyday needs to Him. He wants you to share your heart with Him and tell Him how you are struggling, so that you and Him can grow together and you and Him will turn those situations where you have just ‘water’ into that ‘wine’ you need.


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