Posted by: Dale | April 4, 2010


Such a beautiful morning I awoke to. Clear blue sunny skies, the birds singing and a forecast for 20 Celsius.  It is a great  day to celebrate new life. It is a great day to celebrate Resurrection. Over 2000 years ago Jesus rose from the grave, he defeated death. And with his resurrection he showed that it no longer had power.

That is why the Bible says we do not mourn like those with no HOPE. Because even though death may separate us from loved ones for a short time, we who believe on Jesus will experience the same Resurrection that He did. Families will be reunited in the presence of their Saviour. Friends long since passed, will rekindle relationships.  And the few years of separation will not even seem like it mattered.

So today as you go and celebrate His resurrection at your local church, as you watch the Easter plays or hear the preacher preach, remember that HE ROSE, so WE WILL RISE.

Blessings and Happy Easter



  1. Amen Rev! May all the blessings of Easter be with you and your family! …. Now off to mass! \

    God Bless

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