Posted by: Dale | April 8, 2010

All are Welcome

I am sure you have seen the signs in restaurants, that say “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” these signs seem harmless and maybe even fun. But not too long ago there were different signs that were hung that were intended for real discrimination. Where people of African descent and people of European descent would not mix. Where the African descendants in Canada, the United States, South Africa, Europe and other places where European colonization took place, were considered a second class of people. I am glad that I did not experience those times, but I also do not hold to the fantasy, that racism does not exist in my country (CANADA). It is just that our target has changed, and we may not be as vocal about it as we once were.

Racism has been going for longer than anyone probably remembers. In fact Jesus in John 4:1-26 confronts the racism of the Jewish mind of the day. He goes and does the unthinkable, He ministers to a Samaritan woman. To the Jews of His day, these people were like dogs. They were not worthy of knowing God (in their eyes) and they were to be despised. And yet, here is Jesus, confronting their racism and ministering to a woman in need. In that action, Jesus was showing that the Kingdom is open to ANYONE who would put their trust in Him.

Your Muslim neighbours need to know Jesus as the Son of God. Your Hindu Neighbours need to see Him in His Diety. All your Neighbours regardless of colour or creed need to know the love of Jesus. Like the song says,

Jesus Loves the little Children, all the children of the world. Red and Yellow, Black and white they are precious in his sight. Jesus Loves the little children of the world.

No matter your colour, Jesus loves you! No matter your creed, Jesus loves you. Take that HOPE with you today.



  1. Are we giving hope or are we part of the problem?
    Do we forward racist jokes under the guise of humour?
    Do we make sweeping negative generalizations about a culture?
    Do we make little or no effort to understand the traditions or cultures of those who are not of the same religion or ethnic background?

    If some of the above points, strike a chord then we need to deal with it so we can truly share the love of Jesus .


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