Posted by: Dale | April 13, 2010

Hearing is believing

Yesterday we talked about experiencing Jesus and believing. Today we look at it from another angle, Hearing is believing. In John 4:46-54 we see that a Nobel man comes to Jesus and implores Him to come and heal his son. Somehow this man got wind that Jesus was back in Cana (where Jesus performed His first miracle) and he knew that Jesus could heal his son.

So he implores Jesus to come with him to see his son. Instead Jesus just says “Go your way your son lives”. And the man did just that, he left believing his son was well. (And it turns out he was). Jesus must have been some incredible personality. That the man would just take Him at his word.

We live in a ‘prove it to me’ culture. Unless we can see it with our own eyes, touch it with our own hands, sense it ourselves, we will often not believe. But true faith is trusting even when we don’t see, not because of who we are, but because of who Jesus is. True faith in Christ, trusts His character, not ours.

No matter what we go through, Christ’s character remains the same. His word, His voice, is more than reassuring enough for me. Because HEARING IS BELIEVING!


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