Posted by: Dale | April 19, 2010

Jesus is all about equality

First of all, I want to apologize for missing updates the past few days. I have been very busy with family things and to be honest this blog will always take a back seat to family.

Back to the book of John. In John 5:17-30 we see Jesus make some statements that show he is equal to the father. The book of John is all about Jesus’ divinity, in fact in the first chapter in verse 1, John uses language that would immediately point the Jewish reader to the  Creation story of Genesis, where God creates all of creation.

So now Jesus is making some equality with God statements. He in these verse is saying he is equal with God in Nature, in Power and in Authority. Make no mistake, to the Jewish reader he was claiming to be God. And the fact that He is God shows how much he cares for us. The fact that God would subject himself to the same pains that we feel. The fact that God was a willing sacrifice for our sins, shows that He does love us.

John is about Jesus being God, but it is also about God loving us and dying for us. Jesus is all about equality with God, but also about equality towards us and showing His love. Today, I want you to realize that God truly loves you, and he proved it to us by dying for us.

Until tomorrow


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