Posted by: Dale | April 20, 2010

The Witnesses of Jesus

The next portion of scripture we read is found in John 5:31-47. In that section of scripture Jesus opens by saying “If I bear witness to myself, my witness is not true”. If Jesus were to toot his own horn, it would be like the best mechanic going around saying “I am the best mechanic”. You will not take him at his word, you would just assume that he is some sort of braggart.

So Jesus provides other witnesses of Himself, John the Baptist, Jesus’ works, Scripture and the father. John came proclaiming the messiah, Jesus’ works proved who he was, the Father showed Jesus as His own, and Scripture prophecy showed that He fulfilled the promises made long ago.

So why is that important? It shows that we do not follow a madman, but that who He was/is was established long ago and proven by Himself. We don’t follow a liar, we follow one who is known as the “Truth”. We follow the one who is witnessed to be Lord and creator of all. And so, we should make sure that as we follow we know that we follow one worthy of being followed.



  1. Amen,Amen and Amen!

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