Posted by: Dale | April 22, 2010

Come and get it…

Most western genre movies that I saw as a kid, invariably had someone who would come out onto a porch clanging a triangle and yelling “Come and get it”. Lets face it, we all get hungry, we all desire food. And if we turn to John 6:1-14 we see an example of people being hungry.

As the story opens, it shows a large crown following Jesus (5000 men + women and children). They have spent the day following Jesus because of the signs he had been showing then great signs. So as Jesus sees the crowd approaching he tells His disciples that they must feed them. The disciples immediately protest that they do not have enough money, but Jesus had other plans. He asked how much food was in the crowd, and it turns out not a whole lot just 5 barley loaves and 2 small fish, not nearly enough to feed the large crowd. But Jesus had other plans. Jesus instructs them to sit and He lifts the loaves and fish above his head and blesses the food. After the prayer the food is distributed and the people eat to their fill and there are 12 baskets left over.
I tell this story to show a couple things that the story teaches us;

  1. Jesus cares about our physical needs as well as our spiritual needs.
  2. Jesus has control of the physical as well as the spiritual
  3. When Jesus blesses there is an abundance so others can be blessed as well
  4. Jesus willingly blesses

Think about those things! Jesus cares, Jesus Blesses, Jesus gives an abundance so we can bless too.


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