Posted by: Dale | April 24, 2010

I can walk on water

Like all Canadians, I can walk on water. It is our superpower of sorts. Of course the water needs to be frozen. In John 6:15-21 we see that Jesus disciples set off in a boat toward Capernaum while Jesus stays behind. The Bible says that when the disciples were about 4 miles out, that the winds kicked up and the disciples were in trouble. At that point they notice Jesus walking on water and they became afraid at that point Jesus calls to them, they receive Him into the boat and they immediately arrive where they were going.

A few things that spiritually come to me.

  1. When we go off without Jesus, we can get into trouble
  2. When Trouble comes, be aware that Christ will be there
  3. Accept Jesus into the situation and he will guide and help

I am not saying that life will be perfect when Jesus comes into our ‘boat’ but I know that the troubles we face will be easier to handle. I know I can’t walk on wet water, but Jesus can. So no matter what we face, if we can’t do it, Jesus can.


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