Posted by: Dale | April 28, 2010

It is too Hard to follow Jesus

It is amazing that after Jesus has performed all the miracles he did, that at this point people would choose to abandon Him. And yet that is exactly what happened. After Jesus’ proclamation of Him being the bread of life. Some of His followers found this to be too hard a statement. (see John 6:61-66)

It is not an uncommon thing, for people who are searching for truth, to walk away from the one who is truth. Some people are offended by His statements. Some are offended by His holiness. Some just can’t handle giving all up for Him. And yet that is exactly what Jesus calls us to do. Give it all up and give it over to Him. If we give ourselves totally to Him, we will never be offended by who He is.

So I guess, the title of this blog should read, “It is too hard to start following Jesus”. Take the journey of your life, and overcome the barriers that stop you from following Him.


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