Posted by: Dale | May 3, 2010

A Marked Man

If you have ever watched a movie that focused on the Mob, then you have probably heard the term “A Marked Man”. Simply put, a marked man is someone who is the target for assassination by the Mob. Jesus was a marked man. There was a mob that desired to kill Him, and that mob consisted of the religious leaders of the day. In John 7:1 we read this;

After these things Jesus walked in Galilee; for He did not want to walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill Him.

It was not the people that wanted him dead, but the religious establishment. As a pastor, I often times question whether the church of today would welcome Jesus into their midst if he came in physical form, or whether they would push Him away (like the religious Jews of the day), because He was ruining their way of doing things.

We all like to say that we would not push Jesus away, but the uproar over various revival/renewal movements throughout history, tend to show us that not everyone would be accepting of Jesus, even those who claim to love Him. And that my friends is a scary thought.

So how does a church or a person who claims to be Christian get to that point? I think it comes straight from a prideful attitude. We think we have everything under control, so we tend to neglect our times of prayer, or our reading of His word. We claim to love God and yet we spend so little time with Him.

I personally don’t want to miss the boat when it comes to Jesus working in my life. So today I make a resolution! Today I resolve that I will spend time in the Word and in meaningful prayer, so that I can be in the right place for God to use me.

Will you make that resolution too?



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  2. What about the idea of making this a challenge & inviting Harvesters & friends to sign up & then sharing Praise Reports for what the Lord is doing.

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