Posted by: Dale | May 18, 2010

Where are the people that accuse you?

I love the story that we are going to look at today. It is the recount of the woman caught in adultery that is brought before Jesus. (see John 8:1-11). Why do I love this story so much you may ask. Well it is a few reasons.

1. The Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus who was loved by the people into condemning the woman to death (which was what was required by Jewish law), but Jesus turned the situation back on them. Interesting point here, by law both the woman and the man caught in adultery were to be brought before the people and stoned and yet only the woman was brought before Jesus, so in essence, the ‘keepers of the law’ were violating what the law said.

2. Jesus shows grace and mercy to a woman that was a sinner, and that gives me hope in the fact that He gives me the same grace and mercy as He showed the woman.

3. Jesus points out an interesting thing when He states to the judgmental people , “Let him without sin throw the first stone”.  He points to the fact that everyone (except Jesus)is a sinner in need of grace and mercy.

4. Jesus, the only one who rightfully could judge her, did not condemn her (he did righteously judge her though when He said “Go and sin no more”) did the thing that so many of us find hard to do, FORGIVE.

Read the story for yourself, there is so much more in there about forgiveness, mercy, grace and love. You might see something I missed (point it out in the comments section if you do). And when you read the story, reflect on how Jesus wants you to act toward others. When we start acting the way He wants, our relationships will be so much better.


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