Posted by: Dale | May 28, 2010


Anyone that has taken basic logic courses, whether it be in philosophy or even computers then you are familiar with the logic gate “If/Then”. It is not uncommon in everyday use.

IF you are hungry THeN lets order pizza. IF you want to check email THeN turn on your computer. IF a=1 and b=2 THeN c=3.

Pretty simple logic. Even Jesus used this logic. In John 8:41 He says;

Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, (then)you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God; nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me.

Jesus was calling into account the people who were accusing Him. They claimed to be worshipers of God and yet they did not love Jesus who was from God and is God. Jesus was saying to them that what they said was not true and in fact they were liars. Because they would love Him if what they said was true.

So that makes me wonder, many believers claim to love Christ and they are thankful for the ability to worship freely in our country. And yet they take for granted those freedoms. We neglect our church attendance (which is a biblical requirement), we rarely if ever open our Bibles and we hardly pray. So IF we claim to be Christ followers, how THEN should we act? Let me suggest the following statements are true

IF we claim to followers of Christ THEN we will love His bride

IF we love His bride THEN we will want to meet together as the Bible says we should

IF Christ is King THEN we will give over all our own ambitions to His will.

IF we value the Word, THEN we will read it daily

IF we want relationship with Him, THEN we will pray.

You get the idea, our devotion to Christ is filled with IF/THEN statements. So let us examine our lives and modify our behaviour to match our stated beliefs.


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