Posted by: Dale | June 1, 2010

whatchu talkin about Jesus??

Have you ever had those moments that were ‘Ah Ha’ moments? Times when things finally clue in that never made sense before. It is in those moments where revelation happens, that things that were unclear suddenly become clear and concise to you.

I had a moment like that many years ago when reading  John 8:55. In this passage, Jesus says something different and weird. It made me wonder (as a young Christian) what exactly Jesus was talking about. He simply says this to the pharisees and teachers of the law;

“Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.”

My analytical mind could not get around His apparent misuse of the tense of the verb ‘to be’. Didn’t He mean this instead. ‘..before Abraham was I was’ didn’t that make more sense. But as I began to study and read the word more, it became apparent that Jesus was actually referring Himself to the old testament name for God. When Moses was confronted by the burning bush, God identified himself in the same manner.. ‘tell them I AM has sent you’. It shows that God is not dead, that God is not a God of just the past. But is a God of the now and of the future. And because Jesus is God of past, present and future, we can rest assured that nothing surprises Him. That our problems are already answered (maybe not the way we think they should be though). And that when we call on His name, we will be heard.

So now, I know what Jesus was talking about… do you?


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