Posted by: Dale | June 5, 2010

When the rain falls….

Time for a little detour from the Gospel of John. The reason for doing so, is because I want to share some thoughts on a recent prayer meeting that was held at the church I pastor.

Alot of people hear ‘prayer meeting’ and they make an excuse to be somewhere else. For some reason those words push people away. But on Wednesday night we had a great turn out compared to our normal midweek attendance. And during that time we had an amazing time in the presence of God. We had times of prayer for various things (I will attach the outline we used at the end of the blog).

We praised, we prayed for needs present in our church corporately, individually and in our families. But the most amazing part of the night was spontaneous, where I felt that God just wanted us to share what He was saying. We had some great testimonies and even some time of confession and prayer for specific need. That night the rain fell, God’s hand was touching people in real ways. And I think that we miss these times because we will not submit ourselves to prayer.

Imagine the condition of the church if the people had daily times of fervent prayer. Your communities, our provinces/states and our countries would be vastly different. So will you commit yourself to a life of prayer in order to empower yourself and the church you call home?


Harvest June Prayer Meeting


  1. 1. Enter into praise (10 Minutes)
    1. a. Give Worthship to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
    2. b. Praise the Name of the Lord
    3. c. Thank Him for what He has already done for you
    4. d. Thank Him for what He is going to do

  1. 2. Pray for the needs of the Congregation (10 Minutes)
    1. a. Jobs
    2. b. Finances
    3. c. Health
    4. d. Other

  1. 3. Pray for the Church Services (10 Minutes)
    1. a. That we would allow the Holy Spirit to move Freely
    2. b. That we would see miracles happen
    3. c. That our neighbours would come and hear the gospel

  1. 4. Pray for the Direction of the Church (10 Minutes)
    1. a. Pray that we would capture a vision of what God wants to do
    2. b. Pray that the leadership would be open to hearing from God
    3. c. Pray that this place becomes known as a house of prayer and the people as pray-ers
    4. d. Pray for the finances of the church

  1. 5. Pray for yourself (10 mins)
    1. a. That God would open up doors of ministry with your family, friends, neighbours and co-workers
    2. b. Pray that you are in the centre of His will in all things
    3. c. Pray that you are open to the leading of the Spirit

  1. 6. Free Prayer & Worship (10 Mins)
    1. a. Pray for any requests that the Spirit brings to you
    2. b. Pray with others freely in the room as the Spirit leads
    3. c. Enter back in to giving WORTHSHIP to Go

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