Posted by: Dale | June 12, 2010

It is so easy to lay blame

John 9 shows us a story of a man that Jesus healed that was blind since his birth. Jesus sis what He often did, he touched the man in his area of physical need. In the jewish mindset the man was afflicted because of sin and so they asked Jesus who was to blame for this man’s affliction, his parents or the man himself. The fact is according to Jesus, this man was afflicted with blindness so that God would receive glory.

But what I find amazing was not Jesus’ grace (even though that is amazing) and not the fact the man was afflicted in order that God get glory. What I find amazing is the human tendency to try and lay blame. Humanity likes to lay blame and unfortunately that same trend continues into the church of Christ, a place where it should not be. Instead of playing the blame game, we instead should be looking to offer the people the hand of grace, the hand of forgiveness. Does that mean we ignore sin? Absolutely not. But we offer solutions to get out of sin instead of offering to throw the first stone.

The church is to be the place of ultimate rehabilitation not the place where rocks are thrown. I envision a church where people come for healing on all levels (spiritual, physical and emotional). So today whoever you are, whatever circumstance you are in, remember that Jesus is not a man to lay blame, instead he offers forgiveness and change of the circumstance in your life. And His church should strive to offer the same.


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