Posted by: Dale | June 19, 2010

I am the good shepherd

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.” (John 10:11)

In mythology the Cyclops were a race of people who once had two eyes. The story of how they lost their eye gives us a neat look into the human psyche. And even though this story is just a myth, we can learn from it. In the story the Greek god Hades made a deal with the cyclops people. In the deal they agreed to give up one eye in exchange for the ability to see the future. And although Hades kept his end of the deal, the cyclops did not get exactly what they had bargained for. Instead of being able to see the whole future, they were just able to see the day and means of their death.

Why does that story teach us something? It teaches us something about our nature of desiring to be in control of the future (the reason the cyclops wanted to know the future was for their own well being). But more importantly are the next two things it teaches us. This story clearly contrasts Jesus’ statement in John 10:11. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, desiring to protect the sheep. Jesus is not a God like the Roman or Greek gods that are portrayed as mischievous and sometimes harmful to their people. Jesus has our best interests in heart.

The last thing the story of the cyclops tells us, is the fact they knew their death time and way. Imagine knowing that, it would have to be a sobering thought. Would you be able to really have fun or enjoy the things around you? Even the person with a terminal illness does not know the exact time of their death, but the cyclops did (again just a myth). Jesus knew His demise as well. He knew the hour of His death, the method of His death and the reason for His death. In John we see this so clearly, especially in John 10 where he says the shepherd lays his life down for his sheep. Jesus knew the path that was laid out before Him and yet He still agreed to follow that path. Why? you ask, well it comes down to the fact the He loves us and is a Good God, a Good Shepherd and a Good friend.

Take that to heart today!


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