Posted by: Dale | June 30, 2010

I thanks Him for Freedom

On the eve on Canada day, I sit here and am pondering the freedom that I enjoy in the great country. And I find it amazing to see the diversity of this nation. Even in my own church we have many different countries represented. We see people who have came to Canada for various reasons, but all of them are seeking a dream. The thoughts of the many immigrants to Canada starkly contrasts the views of many of the protesters that Toronto saw last weekend during the G20 summit. Don’t get me wrong, I am ok with people protesting, but I am against the violence that some of the people showed. Imagine if the G20 was in China, the same protesters would not be treated as well as they were treated in Canada. They take the freedom they were given too far. The Apostle Paul talks about freedom when he says

“Though I am free and belong to no man I make myself a slave to everyone”
Paul was talking about thinking about others more than you think about yourself. He was talking about true charity. So as you celebrate Canada Day (or Independence Day in the US on July 4th) then thank God for the freedoms that you celebrate in Canada or the USA.

God Bless You and enjoy your Long Weekend!


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