Posted by: Dale | July 2, 2010

Having a blast

I believe Jesus liked parties. He was often the guest at such events. His first recorded miracle was performed at a wedding party (changing water into wine). And I don’t believe that Jesus just sat like a stump in the corner refusing to participate with the people around Him. He did not come to the parties to complain, condemn or criticize. He went to the parties to have fun, fellowship and to get to know people. And I believe that is the same reason Jesus wants us to go out and be a part of the things that are happening in our communities.

Yesterday Canada celebrated it’s 143 birthday. And because of that birthday there were plenty of party options for people to take in. And many people from my church took part in such an event at the nearby Broadlands park. Many Church members (Harvesters) came and volunteered at this event so that the community knew our church cared about them. Some ran our church table that was giving out playdough, having a couple free draws and giving out information on who we were. Others helped with the BBQ and distribution of THOUSANDS of hotdogs. And some came to take part in the fun that was happening.

I know personally, I made connections with people that I otherwise would never had the opportunity to reach. One lady in my church had the opportunity to listen to a lady whose sister had just passed away. It made me realize all the better something that Jesus knew, that ministry does not just happen in the church/synagogue. Ministry happens at parties, at BBQ’s at picnics at the coffee shop. MINISTRY HAPPENS EVERYWHERE, but only if you are open to being used. You don’t have to say a word to share the love of Christ. You just have to be true to who He has called you to be.

So let me encourage you to have a blast like Jesus did, and while doing that, let Him shine through you.


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