Posted by: Dale | July 3, 2010

Knee Deep in Mud

Tomorrow at Harvest I am starting a sermon series that will follow the Israelites’ journey from Egypt to the promised land. The series is titled “Journey Through the Desert into the promised land”.  I am sure that we all can relate to the spiritual implications of the people as they traveled and were forced to be totally reliant on God.  Tomorrow the theme of the Sermon is ‘Knee Deep in Mud”.  It will show the struggles the people were in under the Egyptian rule. They were literally knee deep in mud because they were forced to make bricks out of the dirt they lived on.

Maybe you are knee deep in mud in your life (I know I sometimes am). Maybe your spiritual walk is stuck in the mud and you just cant seem to break through. Maybe you need the help of God to get out of your current situation. I encourage you to look to Him today for that help. And I encourage you to go to church (come to Harvest if you are in the area) and seek the help of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

There is no substitute for   worshiping together with brothers and sisters in Christ. We can make excuses about praying at home and fellow shipping at home, but in the end we need each other to get out of the mud. We start relationships at church and then build them through the week. The people who claim to be Christians then don’t attend church are seriously stunting their growth by staying away from the body of Christ. Let me be clear, churches are not perfect in fact they are filled with flawed people who will fail and may tick you off, but we are told not to forsake the assembling together of one another. That was a direct reference to the worship by the saints in unity together.

I am stuck in the Mud, you are stuck in the Mud. Lets get out together with God’s help!


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