Posted by: Dale | July 6, 2010

Entertaining Angels

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2 NIV)

I had a visit this morning at the church. A  man by the name of Michael came in his sandals and brought to me some copies of the New Testament in side by side Hebrew/English and some Old Testament of the same variety. He asked if there was anyone in my congregation that knew a Jewish person that might like a copy of the Bible. He desired that they come to know Jesus as Messiah and see Him as the light of the world. A noble task. When he introduced himself and his mission, my mind went to the scripture quoted above. I had never met this man, and who knows his origins. Regardless of whether they are natural or supernatural (I believe Natural), our meeting was not by chance. We were put together in order to fulfill the will of our Father in heaven.

Michael’s visit reminded me of the movie I saw many years ago called “A Thief in the Night“, and in particular he reminded me of the people portrayed as the 144,000 witnesses in that movie. Men and women going from place to place in the last days sharing the love of Christ to the world.

You may have a Michael cross your path today. You might have someone come into your life today that will encourage you, or you may have someone come into your life that needs encouraging. In everything you do, do it to the Lord, because  you may be entertaining angels today.

I leave you with this music video by Newsboys called “Entertaining Angels”


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