Posted by: Dale | July 8, 2010

Motorcycle trip day one

Well with day one in the books and 500 kms (300 mi) behind us we are one tired bunch. We are staying at the Super8 in Johnstown, NY and are grateful for the small things like a bed to lie in and an air conditioner in the room to cool us (98 degree Fah will take it’s toll on your energy level)

As I type this and am thankful for those little things, it reminds me that in Canada and the USA we have it so easy. There are billions of people in this world that would just like to have the freedoms and peace that we take for granted. There are billions of people that don’t know the peace of Jesus and yet so many Christians take that for granted too.

So as you lie in your bed and live a life that 90% of the world would love to live, check your attitudes and just be thankful for everything you are blessed with.



  1. Nothing like a little hardship to bring our fortunes to remembrance. Glad you are having a swell time. Happy riding!

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