Posted by: Dale | July 29, 2010

So infected nothing works right

There is a saying in computer programming. It goes like this, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. In essence, what it is saying is that you can not expect a program (or anything) to be perfect if the code that goes into the computer is worthless. Likewise in our lives we can expect very little productive to come out of it, if we just bombard it with garbage. Why am I thinking about computers? Well,  I spent the night last night (from about 11:30pm to 4:30am) getting rid of garbage. A nasty virus/trojan horse had infected my daughter’s laptop and it was not the easiest one to get rid of. It required specialized tools to download to get rid of it. These tools, scanned the computer’s registry and got rid of every instance of the nasty thing. And that whole process made me think about the how invasive sin is in our lives.

Something that may start as a ‘one time thing’, infects us. It tangles it’s roots around our memories and infects our brains and persona to the deepest level. These invasive sins also require special removal. We need Jesus to work on our sinful habits, and our memories to clean the affects of the sin away. Forgiveness is immediate, but the regeneration on the damage that the sin does, is ongoing and will only be complete when we are finally with Him face to face.

So in the meantime, on my journey though life, and on your journey through life, we need the constant presence of Christ in order that he can work out all the kinks in our lives and prevent future indiscretions to happen. Let the master take care of all your needs.


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