Posted by: Dale | November 10, 2010

7 Year olds that amaze me

When I was a child I would race my father. We would run, and he would beat me. Now before you say that it is cruel to beat your child at something, I think differently, I think that healthy competition in the family causes the child to try harder to get better.  Often times my father would run backwards while I ran forwards and he still would beat me. But during my childhood and into my teens, running was something I loved (those of you that know me in person know that I have lost that passion :smile:).  as a child I would run and run, as a teen I would run for miles at a time, partly because of wanting to be healthy, and partly because it gave me time to be alone and think while the wind hit my face and that is probably why I like riding motorcycles as well.  As I ran and ran part of my running was to be able to best my father in our short races. Eventually he could no longer run backwards in our races and one fateful day I actually beat him. It was to the point that either of us could be the winner of these races. And eventually, my father never won another race because I was simply younger and faster at that point in my life. (Once we are both in wheel chairs in our old age, we will take up racing again I think 😀 )

And now the cycle continues, I used to be better at everything than my children. I could run faster (now I am not sure), I could stand on my hands longer (now I know that is not true). I am getting older and with age (and my sedentary lifestyle) you cant do things as well as you once did. But my children can. That is why as a church and as a society, we need to place value on children. We need to encourage them to grow (and one day grow even farther than we have). We need to be examples of faith, so they can be encouraged to develop faith. We need to show examples of giving, so they can learn to be givers. One day I pray that my children, are more spiritual than I have ever been (maybe that day is already here).  One day I want to be amazed by the faith declarations of my children. I believe that that “One Day” can be today. Proverbs 22:6 says it best when Solomon writes

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

I recently listen to  7 year old Gospel recording artist singing “The Prayer”.  The song is sung and I was amazed by the power of her voice and the words she sung. So as you enjoy this song, remember that whether you are 2 or 102 you still have a part to play in the Kingdom.



  1. Rhema’s Mother, Wendi,lost her battle to Ovarian Cancer 2 years ago today. Rhema sings to honor and glorify God, something her mother taught her in word and in deed. She is missed greatly.

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